Dinesh Auluck – A Singer Only Has To Be Good Vocally By 50% ?!


Dinesh Auluck is the co-owner of one of the Punjabi industries biggest labels Speed Records. In addition to that, Dinesh is the manager of Living legend Jazzy B. In a recent interview, Dinesh touched on new singers and what he looks for in an artist. The comments have raised more than just an eyebrow or two.

Dinesh Auluck: These days it is just 50 per cent of singing. What we really look for, which stands true for almost every talent scouting agency, is to see a 100 per cent performer. In my own city, there are many good singers with melodious voice or those who have proper training, but they wouldn’t go far for they lack performing skills.

Jazzy B is managed by Dinesh Auluck of Speed Records

One of the accusations labelled at the recent Punjabi music scene is that it is about style over substance. Many new singers have a polished image and are marketed well over social media, yet, vocally they do not meet expectations. Music fans have said over recent years that the ability of Punjabi singers has been watered down. Do the recent comments by Dinesh Auluck confirm this?

Singers become actors and models and actors become singers. That seems to be the trend within the Punjabi music scene in India. But, with labels like Speed Records now admitting that vocal ability is only half of what makes today’s singers will we ever see true vocal ability breakthrough?

Do you as a music fan agree or disagree with the comments made by Dinesh Auluck? And what are the long term impacts of a music scene that neglects real vocal ability?

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