Disabled Jaspal Singh Barred From Wetherspoons For Urinating Outside


Jaspal Singh from Kettering has been banned for life from one of his local pubs. The reason the disabled 54-year-old was barred? For urinating outside The Earl of Dalkeith. Jaspal Singh has told Northants Telegraph he had no choice.

Jaspal Singh, who suffers from cerebral palsy and uses an electric wheelchair to get around, was drinking in The Earl of Dalkeith in Dalkeith Place on September 15 when nature called. The fact he was in his wheelchair meant that Mr Singh could not use the upstairs toilet.

The disabled toilet downstairs was in use. This then caused Mr Singh to further panic, worried he might wet himself in public, he informed Northants Telegraph that he exited the Wetherspoon pub and urinated out of public view around the side.

He said: “I couldn’t hold it, I was bursting. I had to go, I was desperate.

“I didn’t want to wet myself as it would be embarrassing.”

Mr Singh – who has served a previous three-month ban after an argument – is a regular at the Earl, visiting most days for a drink with his friends.

But when he went back inside he was told that he was barred for life. Jaspal commented: “I was shocked and upset by it. I’m going to miss going there to see my friends.”

A Wetherspoon spokesman said the incident was caught on CCTV and that Mr Singh was seen exiting as his friend and drinking companion entered the disabled loo. Mr Singh denied that the people using the disabled loo were his friends and claimed they were people that should have been using the upstairs loo instead.

The spokesman said: “Mr Singh was questioned by the pub manager at the time of the incident and made aware that his actions were wrong and would not be tolerated.

“He was asked to finish his food and drink and leave. Staff have been instructed not to serve him again.

“It is not the first occasion that the pub management have had to issue warnings to Mr Singh, including a previous three-month ban, for his unacceptable behaviour.”

Mr Singh said he feels discriminated against and that he hopes the ban will be overturned. He said: “If there was a toilet to go in I would have gone in there but I couldn’t help it.

“Sometimes it happens to a disabled person.”


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