DJ Dips feat. Badal Talwan, Yaaria 2 Folk Mix


The album ‘Desi As Folk’ from ‘DJ Dips’ is slowly but surely gathering momentum with each passing week, and rightly so. The latest video to be released from ‘Desi As Folk’ is the song ‘Yaaria 2’ the folk mix. This will surely spread the word of the album further still.

‘Yaarian 2’ the folk mix, as soon as we heard this song, we stated straight away that it needs a video, and thankfully DJ Dips and the guys at DESIbel Media have delivered. If you like a chilled out folk style track then this is for you, the production from Dj Dips is outstanding and the Badal Talwan really nails this vocally. This has been on our playlist for a while, hope you add it to yours….

To check out the DJ Dips album ‘Desi As Folk’ on Spotify, click this link

Song Yaaria 2 Folk Mix
Artist DJ Dips, Badal Talwan

To check out the DJ Dips album ‘Desi As Folk’ on Apple Music, click this link


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