DJ Dips – Jere Kende Si, Badal Talwan (Performance Video @Frantic Studios UK )


DESIbel media present their latest Punjabi video song  ‘Jere Kende Si’ from the DJ Dips album ‘Desi As Folk’, the Punjabi singer is Badal Talwan and the music is provided by DJ Dips, the lyrics for Jere Kende Si are penned by Badal Talwan himself.

Now, we have gone on record praising the DJ Dips album ‘Desi As Folk’ and feel it is a very very underrated album, thankfully DESIBel media are drip feeding videos from the album to ensure it grows and grows and ‘Jere Kendi Si’ will only help interest in the album. A great ballad that is produced well by DJ Dips and delivered with passion by Badal Tawan.  Check out the video here and if you have not checked out ‘Desi As Folk’ then just click the Spotify link below and enjoy.


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