DJ Frenzy Talks Bollywood and #Migna Bhangra (New Mix)


Dj Frenzy had a great 2017 and has started 2018 with a bang too, so much so that even Bollywood are watching his every move as they try and stay musically relevant to the masses. We touched on this in a previous article where we talked about how the music scene in India is now a standalone credible industry and not being solely reliant on Bollywood for it’s breaks.

Sunday morning saw DJ Frenzy release the video below across all his social platforms, it seems those in the art houses of Bollywood have once again took inspiration from others, and then blatantly gone ahead and used it as their own artistic work. Thing is, times have changed, with the advent of social media things like this can be called out as soon as they happen, rather than the artist waiting to stumble across his/her work being used by Bollywood, social media can be a bitch for some hey!

Bollywood is still massive, and something like this will only add to the growing reputation of DJ Frenzy and in-turn other DJ’s who are creating masses of hype across the globe amongst Indian music fans. We caught up with Frenzy and asked him if he thought this would be a good thing for him long term:

DJ Frenzy “I’m happy that they picked up on it – it gives me more motivation to keep thinking outside the box and creating those kind of mash ups” 

And the exposure to a new audience?

DJ Frenzy “Hopefully it is a start towards something bigger in that direction, this will put my mixes to a whole new audience that may not have been familiar with my previous stuff”

On the back of the hype generated by Nit Khair Manga, Frenzy released a new mix this weekend featuring the smash hit Arabic track called “Migna” this track has been on rotation in clubs and bars across the Middle east and central/southern Asia for about 18 months now, and is still gathering momentum, we asked Frenzy why he used this track for his latest mix

DJ Frenzy “I initially made a start to this mix back in January when I was DJ’ing out in Dubai”

Bit different to Broad street then?

DJ Frenzy “Lol, it was only until I played my version at a wedding in Delhi that I realized how big the original tune was, I’ve even had friends talking about this tune after their holidays in Morrocco.”

So you thought that you would give it the Frenzy treatment?

DJ Frenzy “Music is no longer restricted to a certain genre or style for so many, although I never thought I’d be doing a Frenzy mash up to a Armenian tune with Jazzy B and 50cent”

Massive shout out to Frenzy for taking time out to talk to us here at Daily Ent. Xpress, check out his latest mash up to “Migna” below, and keep it locked for his Saturday big fight prediction (Whyte v Browne), only here at Daily Ent. Xpress.


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