We hooked up with the man of the moment DJ Frenzy, to see if he is still grounded as the guy we know and love or, has he gone all Bollywood on the Black Country!

2018 – Why start it with this track? 

I’ve had the bare bones of this mix sitting on my laptop for around 6 months. Initially, I made a rough edit of the mix for Beats By Lions to perform to at BhangraFest in September 2017. And to be honest, I didn’t really think about the mix much after that. It was only until it came towards the end of 2017, when I was planning what I wanted to do for my first release of 2018, that I came across this mix again.

DJ’in In India meant a whole heap of press coverage for you and your music, is the new mix for the new, or the old fan-base ?

After the recent trip to India, there has been a new wave of people following my music and I just presumed that most of them may not be familiar with the work I did a few years ago. So for me, this was a great way to give people an insight into what I’m about, as well as the range of music that I listen to and work with – in comparison to the previous releases e.g. Love Friday Christmas mix. But this one was definitely for my loyal supporters who have been following my work for many years – the ones who just wanted a mix in that “original Frenzy style”.

The new mix has a whole new set of visuals to accompany it, care to share the thought process

Originally, I would have created this style of mix for Bhangra teams to perform to at competitions, and I think that’s why I felt that this particular mix needed that element present visually too. I randomly had an idea, last Sunday (21st Jan), to approach teams/dancers online for this project and get them to submit a clip for me to edit for the final video. I literally put together a poster in a few minutes, added it to my Instagram & Snapchat story to gather some interest and then didn’t really give it another thought after that, haha – I just carried on working on the mix. It was only when I came back to my phone a few hours later, that I saw how many messages I had received in response to the posts. I was shocked! Messages from all over the world! Crazy…

You get a rep now Mr Frenzy, you big time, that phone was deffo  going to ping off the hook 

Nah! I’ve gotta say a MASSIVE thank you to all the teams who made the effort to choreograph and shoot a video within the space of 4 days! Shout to Ankh-E Panjab De (UK), Back2Back Dancers (UK), PureBhangra Dubai (UAE), S.W.A.T. (Singapore) and The Naacho Project (USA). These guys and girls went out of their way to put the work in for my project and I hope they get the exposure that they deserve from it as a result. Thank you again!

Before we go for a mix grill, what has this India trip done for you, and what are the plans for you and your music

I learnt a lot from my trip to India. It’s definitely made me want to carry on with this path of fusion mixes, but more so, it’s given me the confidence to experiment more with the style of mixes that I make. With music, there’s no “correct” or “superior” genre – everything is subjective – which is why I’m fortunate that people have been so supportive and welcoming to the style of mixes that I’m creating. My ultimate aim is to connect with people who don’t listen to Punjabi music and give them an insight into how rich & diverse our music is – that’s definitely something that I’m going to keep pushing forward with in the future…

Big shout out to DJ Frenzy for taking time out to chill with the team, now if you haven’t already checked out the new track, TURN IT UP & PRESS PLAY


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