DJ Harv Talks & Raman Gill / Harj Nagra & 3 Saal (Video Inc.)


DJ Harv, the man has DJ’d at more weddings than we have had mixed grills, and it was at one of these gigs abroad that he met a new talent called Raman Gill, and having now heard Raman sing, we understand why he appealed straight away.

Rather than us rumble on, why don’t we just get Harv to talk us through how the track came about:

Whilst touring in India in 2017, I was in a bar owned by a friend in Delhi, Mr Ronee Dhingra. He had a singer on stage who had a guitar and was belting out hits. You name it, he sang it, I was taken aback! So we had a chat and i asked him to sing his own material. Out of the 3 songs I fell in love with 3 Saal. Now this kid is young and had the look and voice, in my mind I really thought there was potential. From there on the project was born. I linked up with Harj Nagra who engineered my vision. I felt the track needed a rapper and Rush Toor who is a good friend of Harj Nagra just fitted the bill. Felt his rap made the song better and here we are now! T-Series have taken on the song and it’s a big look for me and everyone involved. I hope everyone enjoys the track because i genuinely love the song and all round the best work I’ve done thus far.


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