DJ Shot & Killed For Not Playing ‘One More Song’


DJ Shot: DJ one more song, please. We have made that request and also seen others do the same. The request for one more song at a wedding reception Bariya Daulat village near Rudrapur in Uttarakhand led to an argument and the fatal shooting of DJ Avtar Singh.

Avtar Singh had already played for an additional hour, as he was packing away a request was made for one more song. The DJ refused and the music was turned off. This then led to some wedding guests attacking Singh and his DJ team. A gun was then pulled out and Singh was shot by the man who had made the request for one more song.

The police received information about the firing incident soon after. Police officer Chand added,”By the time we reached there, he was taken to a nearby hospital and the accused had already fled from the scene.” Singh, who was injured in the neck was allegedly declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

The police stated that as soon as Singh was fired at, chaos had erupted at the function leading to guests leaving the venue hurriedly. Reports state that the main accused also managed to flee in the ensuing chaos. While the police have arrested six persons who were part of the argument with Singh, the main accused is reportedly on the run. Police hope to catch him soon.

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