DJ TE Rash Frantic & Garry Bawa – New Punjabi Songs 2020


That international connect! Singapore Punjabi music producer Rash Frantic has dropped his latest Punjabi song called DJ TE. Lyrics for the song are provided by Vicky Dhaliwal with the vocals provided by Garry Bawa.

Singer Garry Bawa has been on the scene for a few years now and one of his biggest songs was Kabootar Cheena. Since that release, he really has failed to make a mark. A recent foray into being gangster on a song with Singga also failed to reap good rewards. Thankfully Rash Frantic has got him back to his more desi style on the new song DJ TE.

Rash Frantic will be new to many Punjabi music fans. Being from Singapore can be a blessing and a hindrance when trying to get noticed. Thankfully Rash has let his music do the talking. DJ TE is one of his best releases to date. A solid desi style of production sees Garry Bawa blessing the instrumental without any issues. Rash Frantic seems to have been inspired by the more desi UK sound and this does come through in his production style.

We are all for supporting independent and strong new artists. Check out the new Rash Frantic song DJ TE here. If you wish to hear more from Rash Frantic then just click on this link to hear more of what he has done previously. To stream DJ TE on Spotify just click this link.

Song Credits Singer: Garry Bawa Music: Rash Frantic Lyrics: Vicky Dhaliwal

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