DJ Vips – A Father, A Friend & UK Bhangra’s Game Changer


VIP Entertainments and VIP Records regret to inform everyone that our founder and leader, Djvips Kumar, has sadly passed away today. Our deepest condolences are with his family at this tough time. The rest of the team are so proud and grateful for the opportunity he has given us. We are so honoured to be taking his name forward, and hope we can make him proud. The best means of contacting the team at this moment is via Facebook and Instagram. #TeamVIP #VIPRecords #DJVips

It was 2005 when I first met DJ Vips, he was distributing Party Time his debut album, and ever since that first exchange you could see the passion burning in him, not just for music but for life. He loved the scene and everything about it, we seldom met but were in touch on a regular basis, and this man broke the monopoly of labels at that time.

Vip’s signed fresh new talent, he wanted to give people a chance to shine and understood the struggles artists faced, this was Vip’s all over.

This is a tragic loss for his family and friends and the Punjabi music scene will be indebted to him forever!

In our hearts forever bro! RIP DJ VIP’s


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