Documentary on Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Applauded In Los Angeles


Over 200 guests watched a documentary on Guru Nanak Dev Ji at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles on Sunday. The film received thunderous applause at the Regal Theater. Many leaders of various religions joined in this celebratory moment for the Sikhs and they prayed at the conclusion.

The weeklong Awareness Film festival, which brings films from all over the world on various social and cultural causes, featured Guru Nanak documentary on the final day.

Dr Rajwant Singh, co-founder and senior adviser of National Sikh Campaign (NSC), said, “The response of the audience assures us that this film will have an impact in educating Americans and the world about Guru Nanak and his contributions. There is total ignorance about him among masses and this gap will be filled by this initiative.” The NSC helped support this project and many Sikhs from the US and other parts of the world have contributed. Dr Surinder Kaur Dargan, main organiser of the film’s release, welcomed guests, saying, “This is a thrilling moment for Sikhs. We have been waiting for this kind of film to spread the word about the founder of our faith.”

Film director Jerry Krell said, “It was a great learning and a humbling experience to work on this film and I wanted the world to know about Guru Nanak.”

Public Broadcasting Service will facilitate the showing of this documentary on 200 TV stations all over the US in the coming months.

Besides narrating Guru’s history and key teachings, the documentary features reputable authors and articulate speakers like Bob Thurman, a Buddhist scholar, Dr Vrajvihari Saran, a Hindu scholar from Georgetown University, Ambassador Navtej Sarna, author of a book on Guru Nanak, and Roopinder Singh, Associate Editor of The Tribune, India.


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