“Don’t Tell The Bride” Is Looking For Contestants? You Want A Free Wedding?


Sorry E4, but if you think you will get any desi couples to apply, think again. The E4 show is offering couples who’ve just got engaged who take part in the next series.

Why won’t desi couples apply? £13,000 is the sum E4 offer to cover the cost of the whole wedding and reception. The programme follows the couple who’ve been given £13,000 and three weeks to organise their big day.

But there’s a big catch – the groom has to plan everything about the wedding, from the dress to the cake, with no input from his fiancée.

How much would £13,000 get you at a desi wedding?

Reception? Think not

Clothes? Think not

£13,000 wouldnt have covered a desi wedding in the 90’s never mind now, but hey ho, we still love the show!


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