Down To Earth Deep Jandu The Album – Aa Giya Ni Ohi Billo Time


Down To Earth Deep Jandu: Aa Giya Ni Ohi Billo Time – Deep Jandus catchphrase has certainly caught on this decade. Now as we head out of the decade Canada’s most established Punjabi music producer is set to drop his first album in years! Down To Earth is released on Dec. 13th 2019 by Geet MP3 and GK Digital.

Down To Earth Album Intro – Exclusive:

In 2 Deep was his last solo album and was produced by UK producer Surinder Rattan. Since the release of that album, Deep Jandu has been a leading player in the rise of Punjabi music in North America. A string of collaborations with artists from across the world has seen Deep firmly place himself at the top of his game.  Deep Jandu has facilitated the rise of North American talent through his label Royal Music Gang. So it only seems right that he ends the decade with an album.

Full tracklisting Down To Earth Deep Jandu (Geet MP3): 

1. Dress Match – Gurlej Akhtar
2. Bombay To Punjab – Divine
3. Sala Piyar – Pav Dharia
4. Jordon – Roch Killa
5. Mayajaal – Bohemia
6. Sab theek Ah – raja kumari – Shv G
7. Real Ustad – Miss Pooja
8. My Name – Karan Aujla / Gangis Khan
9. Game – Sultan

Down To Earth Deep Jandu (Geet MP3 & GK Digital Presentation)

The tracklisting for the Down to Earth by Deep Jandu highlights his journey over the last few years. Artists like Gurlej Akhtar have been given huge exposure by Deep Jandu and it is good to see her on the album. Karan Aujla one of the scenes biggest artists currently is also featured. Miss Pooja, Pav Dharia will certainly add more flavour to the album and it will be interesting to hear the songs on the album format. Punjabi rapper Sultan is also on the album with his new song Game. This no doubt will cause a stir as his current beef with other Punjabi rappers is running wild.

All in All, if you are a supporter of albums (and the are seen as a dying art) then you will be looking forward to Deep Jandu ending the decade with a musical journey for his fans and fans of Punjabi music. We for one are excited to check out what Deep has in store.



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