Dr Zeus Confirms New Album With Amrinder Gill In 2019


In 2011 Dr Zeus and Amrinder Gill gave us an album that set the scene alight, Judaa took both Dr Zeus and Amrinder Gill to new heights and damn, that album is still on repeat today

So casually, and out the blue this morning on Instagram Dr Zeus posts a picture up of his studio with a guest sitting in the hot seat, the guest? Amrinder Gill and the post goes on to confirm that the pair are recording a new album which is set to be released in 2019.

Judaa By Dr Zeus and Amrinder Gill was an album that took the Punjabi music scene by storm, both artists were extremly popular prior to the albums release but they still managed to win the hearts of music fans with an album that was fresh and unique to them both. A real iconic album, let’s hope for more like this !


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