Dr Zeus Opens Up On The Kanika Kapoor/Meet Brothers Issue!


It has been four years since Dr Zeus first accused playback singer Kanika Kapoor and musicians Meet Brothers of not crediting him as their music producer for the hit Baby Doll. Zeus recently opened up about the incident in an interview and stated that he isn’t over the “entire incident” yet. He in particular accuses Kanika Kapoor of “trying to get famous” by using his work.

“That entire incident with Kanika Kapoor and Baby Doll made a bad impression in my head,” Dr Zeus has stated. “She said that I used her and made money through her name, when the reality is that I was robbed by her. She has been selling my music to some of the top music labels in this country, saying that it’s her music. She took my music, without signing any sort of document from me, or asking for my permission to use it.” An angry Dr Zeus adds, “Then [Kanika] says in the media and everywhere that I robbed her, and I’m using her for fame.”

The whole issue came to light in 2014, Dr Zeus had taken to social media and expressed his disappointment over not getting the credit for composing Baby Doll, which is currently credited to Meet Brothers. Kanika had then said that the claims made by Dr Zeus about the song were untrue. In an interview, she said, “My (now ex) husband took me to Dr Zeus, who was going to help me make an album. But he took the money and did nothing.”

The Incident has not left Dr Zeus wanting, in-fact he seems to have used the whole thing as a learning curve, and he is no longer reliant on “outsiders” and has built a solid team, to take the scene by storm, on his terms!

The whole episode has left Dr Zeus, who has recently released his single, Tha Tha, with a bad impression about Bollywood and Mumbai. “Bollywood and Bombay is just full of such selfish people, who just want to use people, instead of working together,” he says. “That’s why I never worked in Bombay, because I didn’t want to work with such selfish people. It’s not as if I needed them, or anything. I was pretty successful outside of Bollywood.”

However, now Dr Zeus wants to show the Hindi film industry what he’s made of. “I’ll tell you now that I’ve changed my mind,” he says. “I want to go to Bombay, and show all of them what I’m really like! I’m not going to run away anymore.”

Media outlets reached out to Kanika to get her reaction on these new accusations levelled against her by Dr Zeus. Her response is, “He does this after every six months. I don’t want to comment on him and give him undue attention. I’d like to reserve my comments on this.”

Bollywood, loves Punjabi music and is now becoming reliant on the scene for innovation, do they need Zeus more than he needs them? Do your thing Zeus!!


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