Dr Zeus Taks Collaborations and Why His Staying Away From Remixing His own Songs


The man we have all seen grow and develop just wants to keep going, Dr Zeus is not one for stopping and in a recent interview has confirmed he has 20 songs ready to go and also talked about his dream collaborations.

Speaking to Dhaval Roy Dr Zeus talked about his addiction to music;

“I can’t stop working on music, it’s an addiction for me. If I don’t enter the studio every day, I feel like I have missed out on something.”

Dr Zeus sounds as enthusiastic today as he did when he first started out, and went on to talk about this dream collaborations.

“There is a dream project where I want to collaborate  with legendary Punjabi singers such as Gurdas Maan, Mika Singh, Jasbir Jassi and so on. I’ve already recorded songs with Sardool Sikandar and Sukhwinder Singh for it” .

Dr Zeus also told Dhaval that he has Bollywood songs ready to release as well as Punjabi songs “I’ve been working on them for the past few years. Now, I will approach producers for them,” he adds.

Dr Zeus’ most recent single Gwandian featured Richa Chadha along with Zora Randhawa and before that, he has had Nargis Fakhri in Woofer. However, he clarifies that he doesn’t want to get actors to feature in tracks just to capitalise on their popularity.

He points out, “When I worked with Nargis, I knew she could pull off the lyrics because of her American accent and personality. Richa is a Delhi girl and Punjabi, so she would get the pronunciations right as well. She was energetic and a majority of the concept was hers. I’d like to work with more actors, but their schedules have to match.”

The track originally featured in his Kangana album, after which he remixed it. This is the second time Dr Zeus is revisiting the number. He admits that he doesn’t like making cover versions of his own songs.

“This one was a bit more pressure on me because it had Richa. I wanted to make it family-oriented and something that one can play at a wedding. So, I couldn’t go all out like my western stuff. I was also scared because it was a remix, some fans said that they liked it but the original was better,” he recalls.

He adds that he wouldn’t touch another track in a hurry. The artiste elaborates, “It’s easier and less pressure for me to make a fresh song and create a new vibe. It’s easy for me to remix someone else’s number than my own because I’ve already applied myself in the melody and lyrics once. Doing it again like I’ve never done it before is difficult.” If he does recreate another musician’s work, he’d like to do a Jazzy B or Gurdas Maan song.

As far as his upcoming music is concerned, he has about 20 songs ready. “By the time the 10th track comes out, I will have 20 more. I’m in a good space now, ready to rock,” he signs off.


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