Dr Zeus – Tick Tock With Amber T and featuring K Dottie


The man they call Dr Zeus loves throwing us a curveball, and this his latest music release is certainly something out of the blue. The new song ‘Tick Tock’ features Amber T and K Dottie and is very UK!

When he first heard that Dr Zeus was dropping a song called ‘Tick Tock’ we initially thought it was about the app that India loves, but thankfully it is not. Instead, we have a totally fresh new song that highlights the diversity of the producer and the UK scene. Amber T and K Dottie have blessed the track vocally, so if you expect a Dr Zeus desi banger, think again, this is Zeus reppin his UK musical roots and pushing the UK scene that he loves.

Artist – Dr Zeus & Amber T feat. K Dottie
Title – Tick Tock
Written by Baljit Singh Padam, Amber Titchener, Kareena Blake


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