Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant Get’s Injured In Wrestling Ring – India Laughs


Item girl and dancer Rakhi Sawant really does know how to put a drama on, was she that badly injured? I bet Sunny Leone had a good laugh at the scenes….

A woman wrestler challenged Rakhi Sawant to a dual in the wrestling ring, she  initially resisted but later accepted the challenge. The woman wrestler Robel lifted her up and threw her down on the mat.

Rakhi couldn’t get up for close to five minutes after which she was taken to a hospital in Zirakpur.

As per reports, she was dancing in the ring when a woman wrestler asked her to fight with her. It is learnt that Rakhi told her that she was a dancer and challenged her to compete with her in dance. After this, both started dancing which later led to an argument between the duo. The wrestler lifted her up and threw her on the floor.


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