Drug Dealers T-Shirt & Branding Made Him An Easy Catch For Police


Branding, one issue that has dogged drug dealers for years. For food you have Uber eats and Just eat, but what about drugs? Well, Wajid Hussian wanted to be a drug dealer with a master plan. Wajid launched the Naz and Scooby drug hotline and to advertise it – He wore t-shirts offering his deals and displaying his number. Imagine the brainstorming session to come up with that idea!

Wajid Hussain sold heroin and crack cocaine as part of a county lines outfit in Yorkshire. He alerted people to his prices with a shirt bearing the words ‘Naz & Scooby – 4 for £25’ followed by his mobile number. Hussain, 27, was busted when an undercover cop saw his clothes and rang to arrange a ‘deal.’
  • Bradford Crown court were told of Waj’s drug dealing and he was jailed for a period of six years.
  •  The court heard Hussain ran the ‘bring and ring’ Scooby Line from April to July last year
  • Drivers were paid to deliver cut-price drug wraps. They would bring crack and heroin to waiting addicts for as little as £7 a wrap.
  • Waj and Scooby’s business line also offered a three for 25 deal for regular customers

West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Errantdance launched an undercover sting operation and arranged a number of deals. Hussain, of Bradford, was in the passenger seat for two of those. On one occasion, an undercover cop bought a £10 wrap of heroin from the line and was told she could have ‘three for £20.’ Last month, cops raided Hussain’s home and found a T-shirt with the Scooby Line’s phone number on it, along with “three for 25.”

Also seized from his address were scales, Kinder eggs, cash and dealer bags. Michael Smith, prosecuting, said: ‘It appears that it was in effect his operation or one in the very least in which he played a very significant role.’

Hussain had 18 previous convictions for 31 offences, including supplying Class A drugs in 2012, when he was sent to a young offender institution for 16 months. His other offences included aggravated vehicle taking, battery and racially aggravated harassment. He had been recalled to prison on licence for a dangerous driving sentence and he was in breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order.

The court heard that Hussain was the father of three young children and would miss seeing their formative years. Hussain’s solicitor advocate, Andrew Walker, said it was an unusual feature of the case that the Scooby Line number was registered to his client. But the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, replied: ‘It is typical of the brazen arrogance of those who think they are big men in their society.’

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