Drugs, Addiction, Power – Punjabi Gangster Mintu Gurusaria’s Story


You may have noticed that a new motion picture is set to be released on 10th August via White Hill Music, the film is called Dakuaan Da Munda and is based on the true life story Punjab gangster Mintu Gurusaria.  The story is one of crime, addiction, embarrassment and strength.

Mintu Gurusaria, was born into illegal activity his dada would transport drugs and liquor from Pakistan to India and vice versa, this was deemed as normal activity by Mintu, and having drugs around the house was no big deal for him. At the age of 7, Mintu first tried drugs. 

Mintu carried on doing drugs for 20 years, he was paid by people in power to carry out beatings and all his friends, who were all addicts, forged a reputation as feared local gangsters. But, drugs do not let you go easily.

Mintu financially was ruined due to his addiction, his father had debt collectors knocking at his door. Eventually his father had to go to jail for his son. Mintu’s father died in jail. 

The story is a look at how crime does not pay. Mintu, still hooked on drugs went to pick up a large supply for his brothers wedding, it was this journey that changed his life. Whilst transporting the drugs he was involved in a traffic accident which led to his arrest.

Mintu  was unable to go to his own brothers wedding. Addicted to drugs, unable to walk and broke, he was forced to look at his life and decided then it was time to turn things around and help others to do likewise!

Mintu took up writing and is now a author/journalist. Hopefully, the film gets an overseas deal for us all to view, and if the film lives up to the book, then you are in for a treat The film highlights the real live of a gangster, not the glorified versions we are used to seeing. The book called “Dakuaan Da Munda” is also available to buy online.

Mintu Gurusaria’s story is one that is being used to try and encourage some of Punjab’s lost youth to stop and look at their lives. They are being encouraged to think abut what they are doing to themselves before they get dragged into a world of drugs and crime.


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