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When you need a Punjabi film review that is honest and reflects public opinion (rather than pandering to artists) well, you can only turn to one person, and that person is Jasmine Singh of the Punjab Tribune. Dulla Vailly is the film, and after getting some not so positive reviews, we turned to Jasmine Singh to give us the lowdown:

Jasmine Singh: If you are a Punjabi movie fan then you would remember the 80s, where Punjabi films were all about Jatt, zameen and badla. Two artistes stood out in period, Gugu Gill and Yograj Singh they were the quintessential hero and villain of that period.

Flash forward to this weeks release Dulla Vailly, and wow, you feel as if you have been transported back to the 80s, but with some new additions, like misplaced and out of sync background scores, terrible dialogues, tone to death lethargic acting and extremely painful direction.

Directed by Devi Sharma, Dulla Vailey, can easily be bracketed as a film that belongs to Gugu Gill and Yograj Singh and their animosity. So, one, you wouldn’t find any female at their homes (except for Gugu Gill’s wife), two, even though there is no virtual threat of any note, nevertheless Gugu Gill and Yograj are continually surrounded by armed goons. God knows why?

Director Devi Sharma has broke the film into many parts for the audiences benefit, maybe because he wanted to justify every character in the film. So, he gives screen time to every artiste, irrespective of where he or she comes in the story, and irrespective of the story itself. Result, you get a painfully long Yograj Singh track, then you have an Avtar Gill track, and if this wasn’t enough, there is also a Mohd Sadiq track, Sarbjit Cheema track and of course Gurvar Cheema’s subtle track!

For the first part of the film, you will only see Yograj Singh, and hear a terrible background score. In fact, there is no relief from this score which you will hear throughout the film.

Even though singer-actor Sarbjit Cheema’s son, Gurvar Cheema makes a debut in the film, you will only be able to catch glimpses of him in the first half, breaking of course in a single and dance sequence as soon as he meets his lady love.

Whilst watching the film you will compare it to the the 80s Punjabi films starring Yograj and Gugu Gill, and you would certainly back the old world. As mentioned before, this film is about many actors, their tracks, but essentially it is all about Yograj and Gugu Gill.

While Gugu still makes an impact, the director, in his urge to make Yograj look and sound menacing, ends up making him a character with baritone and red blood shot eyes. Yograj sounds and looks repetitive. Gurvar Cheema makes his short and sweet debut in the film, and although he looks handsome… if this was the sole criteria for an actor, he would go a long way,but he needs to get down to the serious business of learning to act. Avtar Gill, you wonder why and what for? Sarbjit Cheema makes an impressive on screen presence, with old and tired dialogues.

Dulla Vailey is a film that brings back two legendary actors together, Gugu Gill and Yograj. That is all folks, not a patch on the 80’s and this won’t be be playing for long at multiplexes at all.


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