Dupatta – Deep Money Ft. Gurlez Akhtar!


So about two weeks ago we got word that the new Deep Money single was going to be a cover of the all time Punjabi classic ‘Dupatta tera sat rang da’ by the late great Surjit Bindrakhia we felt a nervous shiver especially when we heard it was a duet with Gurlez Akhtar, who had sung a different hook line to Deep Money!

We were right to feel nervous, ‘Dupatta’ by Deep Money which was originally based on a hook line sounding like ‘Dupatta tera sat rang da’ (see the Gurlez Akhtar verse as to how it was supposed to sound) took the easy option of just ripping the original hook line off! Getting Gurlez Akhtar to re-vocal was a no go and something she would not have done according sources, hence her verse has been left alone!

Blame Bollywood all you want for ripping classic tunes, but it seems our Punjabi artists are just as much to blame at times.


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