E3UK Live – The Night Garry Sandhu & International Punjabi Music Came To The UK


Stages being rushed by fans, brawls inside and outside the venue Punjabi gigs in 2019 have had the lot. Let’s not forget the demonstrations outside venues either, damn what a year. So as well as me being excited about E3UK live, you can understand why we as a group of females were feeling slightly wary about the event. In reality, though we had nothing to worry about!

This was not any wedding venue and the level of professionalism shone through from the promoters. First things first we had a tick list of acts that we wanted to see and that was (in this exact order) Garry Sandhu, Ammy Virk, Karan Aujla and Mankirt Aulakh. We walked out of the venue with a very different priority list!

The Crowd:

Upon our arrival the first things we noticed were how mixed the crowd was, this was no male-dominated event. This put us at ease straight away. Though seeing 3 other females wearing the same top as myself did enrage me. That is not the fault of the promoters though, I’m blaming Pretty Little Thing for that. A good mixed crowd which was 80% full. Not bad at all so far:

E3UK Live – The Artists: Ammy Virk 

Oh, Ammy Virk, A Sardar that has it all, he can act, he can sing and he can certainly entertain a crowd. As soon as he stepped onto the stage last night he was a breath of fresh air. No guns, gats or bravado. A genuine artist who had the whole crowd in his hands when he performed Wang Da Naap. He then had the majority of the crowd up and dancing to Jatt De Pasand. Ammy Virk gave us the variation we wanted on the night. Hopefully, a solo tour coming to these shores soon.

Mankirt Aulakh:

Now, we as a group were not overly fussed about seeing Mankirt Aulakh. What we did not realise was how many of his songs we actually knew! Badnaam, Bas Khar, Daru Band just to name three. Mankirt Aulakh surprised us, he genuinely had a really good stage presence. From being someone who we were not fussed about seeing, Mankirt let the stage way too early. He seemed to have less time than others and yet the crowd wanted more. Strange decision for him to have such a short set.

Karan Aujla: 

This guy has stage presence. As soon as he walked onto the stage the crowd were buzzing. We have only come to hear of Karan through Daily Entertainment Xpress and at first, we were not huge fans. His duets were not doing it for us, but then his own material really made us want more from him. Karan was THE standout artist on the night. The crowd loved Don’t Look, which I think the whole venue sang along with. No Need was another song that almost bought the roof down. Presence, style and hits! Karan won the night for us!

Garry Sandhu:

As we left the venue, a large number of people were saying the same thing. WHERE WERE HIS EARLY HITS! The UK came out for ‘that’ Garry that let us for India earlier than expected. Yet, instead, we just got a pretty mundane walk on. And the song selection was too varied. Us as a group wanted to hear more of his earlier material as his new material is something we hear regular. We just wanted that old Garry back for his return I guess. That aside. Garry sang well, and really did entertain the crowd between songs, but a missed opportunity with his song selection. Welcome back Garry, let’s hope this is the first of many more UK live Appearances.

E3UK Live All In All….

E3UK Thank you. A well organised night. Good security and a real sense of professionalism. The mixed crowd really did help and the appeal of the artist really did draw in more females like ourselves.  We would go again if this became an annual event with such a stellar line-up. The downside, the stage, after seeing what Diljit Dosanjh did in the same venue, we were expected to be blown away by the stage. Not a major issue, but if next year is to be bigger and better, then that would be a winner!! Anyway back to my Parota from Jacks and dreaming about Ammy Virk! Until next year peeps – oh and no more wedding venues please for big artists!


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