Elly Mangat v Rami Randhawa – This Was Live & Messy!


Updated: Elly Mangat v Rami Randhawa it looks like the fight could be off!!! Punjab Police this afternoon have taken Rami Randhawa into custody and he will be presented to the courts in the morning. It is not clear why this step was taken but it does look like the Punjab police have taken

this step to stop the escalating tension between the feuding pair! So is it of?? Does this arrest looked staged?

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Elly Mangat is now in India and is saying he will still land at the designated venue tomorrow for the fight! Yesterday saw him drop some mad crazy accusations about Rami via an associate! These were fire!

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Original Story!!

What do you call an angry Punjabi on social media? A Singer! The social media explosion throughout the world has highlighted the bitter personal feuds between people in the Punjabi entertainment industry. No longer is anything private, no longer is anything discussed like grown-ups! The latest Punjabi artists to go toe to toe on social media – Elly Mangat v Rami Randhawa.

What started of as a live chat soon ended up with the two Punjabi singers going at it. Going ‘live’ is something that every Punjabi in Punjab seems to love doing, so should we be surprised these tow went off like they did?

Any no need for us to keep rambling on check out Elly Mangat V Rami Randhawa here via our friends at Ghaint Punjab. (Video 3)

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