Elly Mangat V Rami Randhawa – Who Went To The Cops First?


Eddie Hearn would have been watching this weeks hype in Punjab and must have thought to himself – Why didn’t I sign this fight! KSI v Paul Logan has been put in the shade by Elly Mangat & Rami Randhawa. The only problem being – one of the two seems to have gone to the Police to help ease the tension.

Yesterday saw Rami Randhawa taken into custody by the Police, then today as Elly turned up late (like all desi’s do) he was also arrested. Now, if this was a battle of numbers when Elly just won this hands down. His fans turned up in huge numbers and are still present at the Police station where he is being held.

As per his ‘challenge’ of seeing Randhawa at his (Randhawa) residence, Mangat reached Sector 88 around 6.30 pm where the police arrested the singer immediately.

Mangat was accompanied by his five friends, including a woman. He was taken to the Sohana police station.
According to the police, Mangat, who flew in from Canada, landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport this afternoon and reached Mohali in a SUV of his friend.

According to Mohali SSP Kuldeep Singh Chahal, the police were also in the process of re-arresting Randhawa. “After being released on bail, Randhawa again indulged in objectionable acts on social media today. We are going to re-arrest him,” said SSP Chahal.

After bringing Mangat to the police station, the police also summoned Rami there. SSP Chahal also reached there. “Cross-examination of both suspects is being done,” said SSP Chahal.

Here is the rundown of events that have led us to where we are today!

Video 1 – Rami explains why the police took him into custody, he then asks Elly ‘where are you’
Video 2 – The two and fro from both artists on snapchat and Insta
Video 3 – Events from the outside the Police station where Elly is being held
Video 4- Events from outside the Police station where it seems to be all going a bit Pete Tongue


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