EPL Teams – If They Were Desi Artists


As we launch our Desi Pundit’s league we thought it is only right that we look at the EPL and see which team reflects those on our Desi Scene! Agree / Disagree, that’s football for you!

AFC Bournemouth –  Gurj Sidhu

Gurj, his new to the game, his English, and he has got some class about him, he always seems to be around, and the rumor is Kaos are like Harry Redknapp lol!

Arsenal – Moviebox

Moviebox, all that money and all those trophies collected, at one point they were deemed unbeatable, we know they have the funds, so come on lads, spend it on talent.

Brighton And Hove Albion – Taz Stereo Nation

Hit the deck he said, I am sure he meant Deck chair, all his videos of late have been on a beach or warmer climates, nothing hotter than Brighton in the UK, hey lads!

Burnley – Surinder Rattan

Well, he is from around them ends, and Surinder like Burnley is constantly punching above his weight with his grit and determination, and I heard he likes a Lancashire hot pot.

Chelsea – The Legends Band

Yes the Legends band, Chelsea sack managers on a regular basis, and these lads move from singer to singer without any hesitation, they don’t give a rats ass, and they are all Millionaires.

Crystal Palace  – Jags Klimax

His from those ends, and no matter which wedding you go to you see a pocket of loyal fans asking for his track “Heer”, just like that singing section at Palace.

Everton  – Harbajhan Mann

Great singer, with a loyal fan base but forever in the Liverpool’s Shadow!

Huddersfield Town – Jay Status

He mixed it with the big boys, with DJ Sanj, and every now and then he attempts to convince us he still can do it, but can he sustain it!

Leicicester City – Narinder Manak-e

Manak-e ? Yeah remember him, he had a good 18 months too a few years back.

Liverpool – Babbu Mann

Yes, Babbu Maan, his history of great albums and international hits can not be denied, in recent years some have said he may have lost his way, but with such a huge following we are sure it is his year!

Manchester City –  Jaz Dhami

When Jaz came on the scene, he was in a hurry to mix it with the big boys, because he had potential, and like City it was Big names that he needed, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Aman Hayer, GV, Zeus, the list is endless and it has paid dividends.

Manchester Utd – Jazzy B & Sukhshinder Shinda

I know Jazzy is a Liverpool fan, but here is the logic, Jazzy has reigned supreme over the Bhangra Scene for years, the amount of Number 1’s he had was unreal and with Sukshinder Shinda (Sir Alex) at the helm they smashed it globally!

Newcastle Utd – Manni Sandhu

Because he lives up there, nothing else!

Southampton – Apache Indian

His always around, big back in the day but now seems to just pop up out the blue to upset the big boys with a tune out of nowhere, and then goes again.

Stoke – Subaig Singh Kandola

His tough,his rugged and if you are a Bhangra producer of note, can you do it in a cold studio with just a Subaig vocal ?

Swansea – Tigerstyle

Swansea are from Wales and feature in the English Premier League, Tigerstyle are from Scotland and yet have continually mixed with English acts with some great success.

Tottentham – Premi 

Yes Premi, I said it, always around, some great hits spaced apart, awesome to watch (King Johal), graceful at times, yet never seemed to shake the shackles of it’s neighbors (Heera, Alaap).

Watford – Bhangra Producers As A Whole

Songs doing good, yeah I produced that, singers form dips slightly and, boom a new singer is on standby to take up the role, Watford sack managers as often producers swap singers!

West Bromich Albion – Chesire Cat

Albion with the 3 degres set the standards from men of colour joining an environment where they were seen as alien, Cheshire Cat has had more hits than most desi artists on the scene, and his a gorah!

West Ham United – Garry Sandhu

Nothing to do with bubbles, but he like West Ham was removed from his home, leaving fans angry and placed into a new arena, and is finally settling in, after a couple of years of scratching around.


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