Exactly Who Is Gurlej Akhtar?!


Make no bones about this – Gurlej Akhtar is one of the hottest artists in the Punjabi music industry. Gurlej Akhtar is not some new artist to the scene who is enjoying a period of success, Gurlez has been around for some time and built her career on live stages alongside her singing husband Kulwinder Kally.

Gurlej has had an amazing start to 2019 with three songs taking the scene by storm, Defaulter feat. R Nait is proving to be one of the biggest songs of 2019, Jattwaad feat. Harf Cheema is also blowing up and the latest song to catch fire is from the forthcoming Punjabi movie ‘Lukan Michi’ – Late Ho Gayi, so we along with our friends at Ghaint Punjab thought we would give you some details behind the voice that is tearing up the scene at present:

Our personnel favorite Gurlej Akhtar song:


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