Extortion Calls From Gangsters: Chandigarh Police Asked For Answers


The Chandigarh police are coming under immense pressure to answer questions relating to extortion calls made by Gangsters. In total five cases have been registered including one by Rehaan Records owner Sandeep Rehan. The identity of the callers is well known and in the public domain, yet the police have not closed any of the opened cases.

Case 1: Sandeep Rehan, an NRI Punjabi singer and composer, received an extortion call for Rs 20 lakh on his WhatsApp number from the fugitive gangster, Sukhpreet Singh Budha, when he was in Chandigarh on March 17 this year. The Chandigarh Police lodged an FIR but failed to make any progress.

Case 2: Local Businessman Kirpal Singh had his son Harpreet Singh kidnapped and extortion calls were then made. The police were only informed after a sum had been made, the name and details of the caller, gangster Harry Chatha, were handed to the police.

Case 3: Local businessman Harjinder Bajaj of Sector 35, was kidnapped from his house and released after receiving a ransom of Rs 40 lakh in September 2017. The involvement of gangster Vicky Gounder was established but the police failed to make any progress. Subsequently, Gounder was gunned down in a police encounter near Punjab-Rajasthan border in Fazilka district in January 2018. The Chandigarh Police has failed to establish the identity of others who along with Gounder were involved in the kidnapping.

Case 4: Divye Malik is the well-known owner of restaurant/bar Boulevard, he was subjected to threats and extortion calls from the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Despite details being handed over to police, no action against those making the threats has taken place.

Case 5: Sampat Nehra the gang known for making threats against Salman Khan make extortion calls to Ashwin Kumar, one of the millionaire Kumar brothers of Chandigarh. Despite the name of those making the call being handed over, still, no action has resulted.


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