F1rstman ft H-Dhami, Mumzy Stranger, Raxstar, Juggy D – Dance (Prod by Harun B)


Could you fit anymore people into a collaboration? ‘Dance’ brings together a eclectic clique of artists who have Desi Urban music running through their veins.

Whether they are your cup of tea or not, what no one can doubt is the passion and the mark these guys have made on the scene as a collective.

To be honest, we did not have any high hopes for this single, usually such a collaboration leaves you confused and no clear role is defined per any artist, but upon listening, we were mightily impressed. Each artists delivers in their own unique style and the production skills really do impress, the transition from artist to artist is impressive.

For us it makes the playlist and ‘Dance’ is well worth a listen, still not convinced?

We caught up with Juggy D to ask him a few questions about how this collaboration came about

The collaboration was actually something F1rstman had wanted to do to bring Desi artists together and break into this market. After having huge success in the Dutch mainstream he also wanted to tap into the music of his culture Urban Desi.

Why these artists?

He reached out to a a fair few artists some of which never acknowledge him which is quite standard from our people, it’s a lack of unity. The boys connected and went over to Amsterdam for a writing session and put down a whole load of music and this was one of them. I had met F1rstman a while before that and was in Amsterdam and heard the beat. I was instantly ready to jump on it and I did. That’s all it took a good vibe and good energy.

Enjoy ‘Dance’ feat. F1rstman ft H-Dhami, Mumzy Stranger, Raxstar, Juggy D – Dance (Prod by Harun B) here:


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