Fake ‘MTV’ Scam Catching Punjabi Singers Out – Except Nirmal Sidhu


Two unnamed Punjabi artists first raised the alarm on a new scam when they registered details with authorities in India. Punjabi singer Nirmal Sidhu was the next target, but the more streetwise Sidhu didn’t fall for it and instead raised awareness. Sources have also confirmed it is not just two other Punjabi singers, but more likely another 5!

Updated: Punjabi Singer Paramjit Singh, popularly known as Pammi Bai, has also fallen prey to this online fraud, losing Rs 1.09 lakh. The fraud was exactly the same as that mentioned by Nirmal Sidhu in the video below.
Pammi Bai told police he received a mail from a fake id of ‘Coke Studio’ which mentioned that the singer had a rehearsal for a song on February 11 and video recording the next day.
Pammi Bai told the police that he shared his personal details. After the accused asked him to deposit amount for the rights of the video, the singer deposited Rs 52,800 in the former’s account in two instalments on February 6 and 7.
On February 10, the accused told the singer that he has Rs 16 lakh in his account so he also has to deposit 1% tax on this amount. Pammi Bai deposited Rs 16,000 in the accused’s account same day. A few hours later the singer again received a call from the accused and Rs 20,000 was demanded as security fee for video recording.
The police have not released the name of the other 5 Punjabi singers who have fallen prey to this scam

Details of the scam have now emerged via Nirmal Sidhu. He has told people in detail what the scam entails.  Nirmal Sidhu has said he is speaking up to warn others what is happening. The scam starts with a phone call where the caller pretends to be from MTV India. The caller offers the singer the chance to appear on the famous Coke Studio sessions. The singer is then asked what his/her fee is. Once they have gained the trust of the individual an elaborate fee is mentioned to entice the singer. Then the singer is given dates and calls from what seem to be official MTV people. The singer is then asked to purchase a PPL license for which he will be refunded.

Official emails are sent and pressure is applied on the singer to make the cash deposit into an account, thus turning into a phone scam. Nirmal Sidhu has spoken about this as some naive singers will take the bait. The two singers that did take the bait wish to remain anonymous.

Check out the full Nirmal Sidhu interview about the scam here:


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