Faqir Singh Threatens To Kill Takeaway Worker In Kebab Dispute


We all know the scenario, you order a take away after a hard day at work and you just want to get it down you as soon as it arrives. We all also know the pain and anguish when the order is delivered wrong or cold, what we don’t do though is follow in the footsteps of Faqir Singh who took his complaint too far!

Faqir Singh a convicted murderer from Derby threatened to kill a takeaway worker with a 10-inch kitchen knife following a dispute over payment for a kebab.

Derby Crown Court heard how Faqir Singh Nahal left the victim in fear for his life when he produced the fearsome weapon at Midland Kebabs, in Elton Road, Allenton, after refusing to pay for food.

The hearing was also told how the now 52-year-old, of Littleover, was jailed for life in 1990 for stabbing someone who later died.

Having served more than 17 years in jail, he was released around a decade ago.

But, on March 11 this year, he walked to the takeaway, took the blade from inside his jacket and made the threat to the worker.

Jailing him for a year, Recorder Adrian Reynolds said: โ€œThe circumstances of this offending are worrying and even more worrying in the context of your history.

โ€œYou were carrying a bladed article and these offences were committed where there was a risk of serious disorder.

โ€œIt is virtually 10 years since you were released and although you have convictions since then they are not for violence.โ€

What took place?
Abigail Hill, prosecuting, said the offences took place just after midnight on March 11.

She said a takeaway worker at Midland Kebabs took a telephone order from Nahal who was at a house in the same street.

Miss Hill said that worker struggled to understand what he was saying and so Nahal said to him โ€œdo you want me to come down there and bang you out?โ€

She said the man took the delivery to the house where the defendant was and there was a dispute over payment for the delivery so the driver took the kebab back to the takeaway.

Miss Hill said: โ€œThe defendant phoned the takeaway a second time and threatened the worker and manager.

โ€œTen minutes later he appeared at the shop threatening the men, producing a knife and telling the driver โ€˜come outside, I will kill youโ€™.

โ€œThe knife was a kitchen knife with a 10-inch blade and the victim said later he had a genuine belief the defendant was going to kill him.โ€

Miss Hill said the police were called and Nahal, of Rykneld Road, was arrested.

She said in his police interview he told officers he had been chopping onions and that is why he had the knife on him at the takeaway.

He later pleaded guilty to possession of a bladed article and using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Miss Hill said: โ€œHis antecedents (previous convictions) include a life sentence for murder dating back to 1990 which involved him stabbing someone.โ€

Laura Pitman, for Nahal, said her client was โ€œdeeply ashamedโ€ of the knife offence.

She said: โ€œWhen the police came to arrest him they believed they might be met with some violence.

“But there wasnโ€™t, he was in bed and when they woke him, he complied with them.

โ€œHe made admissions that he had gone to that takeaway and was in possession of the bladed article.โ€


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