Father In Law & Husband Charged With Murder, Victim Found 2 Years Later Living With Lover


A married woman from Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, whose husband and father-in-law were charged  with murdering her, has been found to be alive. The accused Rubi was living in Delhi with another man named Ramu. How does the song go? Rubi and Ramu sitting in a tree…….

According to the police Rubi, married Rahul in January 2016. In 2018, she suddenly went missing. Rubi’s father Hari Prasad got a complaint of dowry filed against Rubi’s husband Rahul and her father-in-law Ram Harsh and mother-in-law Barki.

The police inquired into the matter but found nothing amiss and did not register an FIR (initial charge). Rubi’s father then approached the local court, who directed the cops to register an FIR.

Then all hell broke loose when the UP police tracked her Facebook ID and found it being used from time to time. The police also kept a track of her mobile phone which helped the cops in tracing her location.

Upon re-investigation, they traced her Facebook ID and her mobile phone and found Rubi living with a Ramu in Delhi. Subsequently, the police lifted the FIR against Rahul and his father. However, a fresh case against Rubi and her father Ram Harsh has been lodged and the father-daughter duo has been arrested.


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