February 2019 – Punjabi Albums


Singles are all the rage, and we are getting them by the hour, but in this ever changing world of music, Albums still define an artists journey.

February saw the release of two albums by two very young and talented individuals, both very different in what they do and how they do it. Both albums appealed to very different crowds, both were exceptional releases and have impacted hard.

Album 1: Age 19 – Jass Manak

This was expected to blow up in Punjab and it has, this kid is winning hearts and minds across the youth of Punjab at an alarming rate. The Geet MP3 strategy of albums early in the year (as they did with Guri in 2018) seems to be paying dividends – BIGTIME.

Album 2: The Season, – The PropheC

We knew it was coming out, expectations for it were mixed, but damn did this bang! The PropheC is now the ‘Senti one’. This album won The PropheC new fans across the globe in addition to old fans. People who would not normally have tuned into him, are now listening to the album! Strong, very strong!


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