February 2019- The Top 10 Punjabi Songs Of The Month


February is famous for being short and for one date in particular, a bit like my love life (that is a story for another day). February is all about Valentines and this year almost 300 songs were released to mark the occasion, but which songs other than senti ones, made it big in February?

These songs are not in any order of personal preference, but have been on repeat throughout the month globally by Punjabi music fans.

Naukar, Sharry Maan, Sharry Maan has a loyal fan base and Naukar is getting lots of love from his die hard fans globally!

Yaar Bolda, Gitaz Bindrakhia & Snappy, This song divided opinion on the days surrounding its releases, but over the month it has won over more and more fans, big track for wedding season!

Chakvi Kadhai, Rajvir Jawanda, Straight up desi banger that came out of the blue and caught so many on the hop in February.

Bas Kar, Mankirt Aulakh, Big track for Mankirt, a real nice desi flow to this, Bas Kar gathered momentum as the month went on after an initial slow start (charted 2 weeks after its release).

Defaulter, Gurlez Akhtar & R Nait, this banged on day one and continues to do so, ‘Defaulter’ is the biggest duet track of 2019 so far.

Legend – Sidhu Moose Wala, A late release this month yet has shot into the playlists globally and has made a big impact, with many calling it the best Sidhu tune for a while.

Don’t Look, Karan Aujla, Big, very big, the leaked version of this track was everywhere, so it was no surprise that when the actual track dropped it would make an instant impact! And it did….

PCR, Karan Aujla & Gurjas Sidhu, Initially this song banged because of the verse by Karan Aujla, but then as a result the song grew on people and is on repeat among Punjabi’s globally.

Guddiyan Patole, Gurnam Bhullar, It seems Mr Bhullar is concentrating on his acting in 2019, to do that he needs some big filmi tracks and this was certainly one, big for the wedding season.

Chosen, Sidhu Moose Wala, Even the Sidhu Moose Wala has a soft side, and Chosen proved it, this hit the mark with his fan base globally!


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