February New UK Punjabi Songs Of The Month


UK Punjabi artists started January 2019 in fine form and thankfully February has followed suit. An eclectic mix of the new and the old has seen a month of diversity for the UK scene, in the middle of that though a real desi banger stole the show.

The songs listed below are not in any order of preference, so less bitching people lol.

Maa Boli , Jazzy B & Aman Hayer – In the space of 4 days the song had been announced and released, no messing about. And wow, talk about taking it back! Jazzy B and Aman Hayer reminded us how good desi music can be!

Karde Haan, Akhil & Manni Sandhu – Released on the 1st day of the month, Karde Haan reunited Manni Sandhu and AkhiL, the song was a firm favorite for fans in the build up to (and after) Valentines. Big tune.

Gabru, Diljit Dosanjh, Ikka & Rishi Rich – Valentines day saw a huge glut of new releases and Diljit Dosanjh took everyone by surprise with this release featuring the production skills of Rishi Rich, this went down well in south India, very much a grower.

Tere Bina Yaara, Sukshinder Shinda – February is the month of love and Sukshinder did not disappoint, a ballad written by the man of the moment Karan Aujla. The production on this tune is immense, as always from Sukshinder Shinda.

Verified Jatt, Manni Sandhu & Gurj Sidhu – Controversy and drama surrounded this release and it had everyone talking. The song itself appealed to a new generation of Punjabi music fan and has become a favorite already with many club DJ’s.

Hassdi Aa – Amar Singh & Aman Hayer, Fresh new singing talent, that is something the UK could do with more of, a solid debut from Amar Singh and some real slick production via Aman Hayer.

Jatt Nahi Hatde – Nikka Sev & Liakat Ali, A straight up desi track, no airs or graces from Nikka Sev and Liakat Ali, everything you need for that desi feeling is encapsulated here in one track!

Kiwe Dassa, Jaz Dhami, This is a fresh and exciting chapter for Jaz Dhami, and Kiwe Dassa is a great start to part 2 of the Jaz Dhami story, what a voice!

Taur – InaiksBeats feat. Radhika Gore, The best thing to come out of Yorkshire this month – InaiksBeats! InaiksBeats is a new young talented producer who made a strong debut feat. the vocals of Radhika Gore, good to have you on board! Well worth a listen.

Sarangi Step – DJ Stin feat. Shaan Akash, now why leave this last? Simple, Stin made us wait so we made him wait lol. A solid return to the scene for DJ Stin who is doing his own thing and not chasing pipe dreams, making music for the love of it is key!

Two releases we are aware of were cancelled this month for various reasons, so hopefully that means a busy march is upon us, oh and it may just feature a big UK release!!!???


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