Filma Kulshan Sandhu – The Album That Just Keeps Growing


So without much hype outside of India Kulshan Sandhu released his album Filma last week. The album Filma has gathered more and more pace by the day. This really is an album that has crept up on people, yet it shouldn’t have as it features the likes Deep Jandu, Preet Hundal, The PropheC and Ikhwinder Singh to name just a few.

Check out “Three Things” by Kulshan Sandhu & Deep Jandu a personal favourite from the album Filma!

Filma is an 11 track album that is fresh and innovative. If you are after something typical of a traditional Punjabi album, you will not find it here. If you are after something that is full of innovation in production and clever in delivery then this is it. Kulshan Sandhu has delivered a damn impressive album. The sound is commercial yet not pop. The variation in producers and artists used is refreshing.

Check out “Filma” by Kulshan Sandhu Feat. Bhumika Sharma and Enzo from the album Filma!

When we were first sent the album, our expectations were not too high, being honest. Sometimes when labels and online companies are not very forward in sharing projects it’s because of two reasons; Firstly they themselves may not believe in the project, hence the slow release of information. Secondly, they use the element of surprise to shower you with quality. This deffo falls into the second category.

Check out “Filma” by Kulshan Sandhu Feat. Shakti Kapoor and music by Preet Hundal from the album Filma!

We have shared the three songs that we have on repeat from the album Filma, if you like what you hear, then check out the album in full via your preferred streaming service by clicking the red link: FILMA – Kulshan Sandhu via VIP Records 

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