First It Was Master Saleem, Now MP Lets Apprentice Wash His Feet & Drink The Water


It was only a few months ago that Master Saleem was caught up in “Feet gate” when a young follower was filmed drinking water from a bowl that Master Saleem had just washed his feet in.

Well it seems like that  show of affection is now catching on and a BJP party apprentice has been filmed doing the same thing to a senior MP, first he washes his  feet then in front of a large audience, and then is seen drinking the water and running it through his hair in a very Bollywood esq style.

The BJP legislator Nishikant Dubey whose feet were washed defended himself. He said those trolling him have not understood the love supporters have for him, according to an NDTV report.

“Some day I will get the opportunity of washing Pawan’s feet,” Dubey retorted in a post on social media. He also said that it was for supporters like him, he has been in public life. The incident took place on Sunday at a campaign rally at Godda in Jharkhand.

Master Saleem – “Feet Gate” video


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