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Manjit‘s Fitness Myths That May Be Holding You Back!
Let me tell you!

Fitness has its own share of tall tales. You’ve heard the ones about sculpting your six-pack with daily high-rep sit-ups, right?
How about “you damage your knees after a single squat?”
And “you need to do loads of cardio to get the fat loss?”
In my experience as a gym goer and results orientated Coach the following fitness myth have stalled the progress of many motivated gym goers and even caused damage to them.


Ok, I hear it all the time “but when I do crunches they burn so much they simply must be burning fat, right?”
Mmmm, wrong!! Even the best direct abdominal exercises only strengthen the muscles underneath the fat! It can also make them bigger but if the amount of subcutaneous fat you have is high around the abdominal area you won’t see them for a long time! That’s Fact!
We never get clients to do sit-ups in our studio.

That doesn’t mean they’re not useful, but rather that they’re only useful at certain times for certain goals. If you follow me on social networks you must have heard me say, “Fit for function”

Sit-ups if performed correctly only work the middle and upper front of your stomach.
To achieve the six-pack look, you also need to work the muscles of your lower stomach, sides and waist and your deep stomach muscles.
Overtraining, doing 100 sit-ups every day, won’t give your stomach muscles enough time recover and build. Even though the abdominals are endurance muscles (I will speak about that later) our individual muscles need at least a day of rest between workouts to recover and develop properly.

The four muscle groups you need to develop for a six-pack are:
Rectus abdominis, which are the upper, middle and lower-front stomach muscles,
External oblique’s, which are the muscles on your sides and lower waist; that when covered with subcutaneous fat are our love handles!
Internal oblique’s, which are underneath the external oblique’s and move in the opposite direction of them

Transverse abdominis which are the deep stomach muscles, no matter how lean you get you can’t actually see the last two I mentioned as they are underneath muscle, muscles.

Check this out! We all have abs regardless of how high our body-fat percentage is!

You not only need to build up your abs, you also need to remove any subcutaneous fat that may be covering your stomach muscles. Regular exercise that burns more calories than you consume each day creates a calorie deficit that causes you to lose fat. Reach your goal faster by gradually taking out empty calories from your diet. Like junk food, snack bars etc.
It’s when you get your nutrition correct, and then those muscles become more visible. The key to a chiseled six-pack look is sticking to a good overall workout routine and getting plenty of good sleep.

But for me most important is having a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle! It’s as simple as that!

Don’t get me wrong, yes exercises that directly work the abdominal’s can make the muscles more detailed and defined, but that effort will only pay off when you burn away the layer of body fat over them.
So start in the kitchen, as the saying goes, “Abs are built in the gym, and sculpted in the kitchen!”
No-one understands that you have given everything! To keep moving forwards you must give more! Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in!
Let me tell you! I totally believe a lot of life’s success is in the mind!

You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are! You’re not obligated to win! You’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can do every day!

You know, winning isn’t everything… but wanting to win is!

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