‘F**k*** P*k* c**t’ Woman Who Offered Sexual Favours For Fried Chicken Turns Nasty When Told “No”


Kelly Fielding racially abused a takeaway worker after she asked for free fried chicken in return for sexual favours, a court heard. The incident took place at  Chesters Chicken on Palatine Road in Northenden just after midnight.

After staff refused, to give her fried chicken she became abusive, Manchester Crown Court heard.

“The defendant then began to offer sexual favours in return for fried chicken,” prosecutor Gemma Maxwell said. She continued to shout and be abusive, as the staff had turned down her sexual offering. The staff gave her four free chicken wings, hoping that she would leave.

But this didn’t stop her and she continued to be aggressive.

The worker and the takeaway manager then tried to escort her out of the shop, and as they did so Fielding slapped the worker to the face.

He then called him a ‘f****** P*** c***’. The police were called, but this did not stop the incident, which happened on September 29.

When officers arrived they recognised her as someone they had spoken to earlier. One officer began to arrest Fielding, but as he tried to handcuff her, she kicked out out and struggled.

With the help of a second officer she was restrained and brought to the floor.

But as 31-year-old Fielding was being detained she continued to kick out and spat at the officer, narrowly missing his face.

In interview with the police, she claimed she was acting in self defence and said she wanted to make a complaint about the takeaway worker.

But CCTV footage was recovered and Fielding pleaded guilty to causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress, assault by beating and two counts of assaulting a police officer. This offending also meant she was in breach of a suspended sentence, imposed after she tried to smuggle drugs into prison.

Fielding, of Cedars Road, Wythenshawe, has 12 previous convictions which prosecutors said were ‘almost all’ for battery or public order offences. She also has previous for racially aggravated assault, the court heard.

The barrister appealed for Fielding to be spared jail, saying that the mother-of-four would be ‘at risk’ in custody.

The judge, Recorder Geoffrey Payne, accepted that she has a ‘tragic personal history’.

He said: “Because of the mitigation very eloquently put on your behalf I am prepared to take what some may regard as a lenient and exceptional course today.”

The judge warned Fielding that this was her ‘last chance’, before sentencing her to an 18 month community order.


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