Foji Gill Is Back With New Record Label Revere Records


How time flies hey, it was April 2015 when singer Foji Gill Singer was sentenced to five years in jail for his part in a money laundering scheme. Having being released early Foji Gill is now making his return not just to society but to the Punjabi music scene.

New Birmingham based record label Revere Records confirmed the signing in a tweet this afternoon, following up on a tweet asking people to guess who the labels first signing was.

Time is a great healer they say, and if Foji makes a solid comeback then I’m sure people will welcome him with open arms. He did the time, so why not make a comeback? Foji would not be the first artist to have a successful comeback after such an incident and he wont be the last, and pre 2015 Foji did drops some seriously heavy tunes and funny videos.

2019 is shaping up very nicely.


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