Food Blogger Behind Bars – Ate Free Food For Reviews , But Didn’t Have A Blog or Social Media?!


A Delhi food blogger was arrested last week, the woman claimed to be a food blogger and social media influencer. Police found out that the woman named Swati had not written a single blog after having free meals over the past five years.

The Gurgaon based woman was arrested from a restaurant, where she was caught red-handed eating breakfast. The restaurant tricked her by offering a free meal, in return she promised to write a good review of the food.

This so-called food blogger and social media influencer had been receiving complementary food from the most popular restaurants and cafes of Delhi and in return, she was supposed to write positive reviews about the restaurant on her blog.

However, it was found out that Swati doesn’t own any food blog or a website and has never written any content about the food that she consumed for free, her social media activity was a personal Facebook page and that was it, and even that had no mention of any food.

After Swati arrived at the restaurant, the manager immediately informed the police about her whereabouts. After police arrived, she has been arrested and her first court hearing is on Friday. This is not the first time that anybody has portrayed themselves as a blogger to gain free benefits.



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