Forbes’ List Of 2018’s Highest-Paid YouTubers Will Make You Question Your Life


A 7-year-old who reviews toys is 2018’s highest-paid YouTuber, raking in US $22 million ($ 30,046,600) this past financial year, according to Forbes.

Maybe you’ve watched Ryan ToysReview: he does have 17 million followers, 26 billion views, and, integrally to his wild amount of money, a line of toys available at US superstore Walmart.

If that doesn’t make you feel somewhat inadequate, then the rest of Forbes’ top 10 highest-paid YouTuber list might — especially given that several spots on the list are taken up by highly controversial figures.

Logan Paul — once one of the platform’s biggest earners — has taken a bit of a hit to his funds after YouTube docked his ad revenue and brands dropped him as a partner after he uploaded footage of a seemingly dead body in a Japanese suicide forest this January.

Logan’s doing just fine though thanks to his persistent fanbase, just making it in at #10 with US $14.5 million ($19,803,500). Meanwhile, his younger brother Jake is sitting pretty at #2 with US $21.5 million ($29,363,800).

Controversy follows controversy, with gamer and fan of the N-word PewDiePie sitting at #9 with $15.5 million ($21,169,200). In 2015 and 2016, he topped the list, though he remains the world’s most followed YouTuber.

Further down the list, makeup artist and fellow fan of the N-word Jeffree Star sits at #5 with US $18 million ($24,583,600), thanks to their successful cosmetic line.

The highest-paid list proves that YouTube gamers are raking in the cash, with the sub-genre taking out four spots on the list. But it turns out doing kind-of dumb but impressive tricks is still a viable way to make money, with five-man sports crew Dude Perfect coming in at #3 with US $20 million ($27,315,100).

Forbes’ Highest-Paid YouTubers Of 2018
10. Logan Paul — US $14.5 million ($19,803,500)
9. PewDiePie — US $15.5 million ($21,169,200)
8. Jacksepticeeye — US $16 million ($21,852,100)
7. Vanoss Gaming — US $17 million ($23,217,900)
6. Markiplier — US $17.5 million ($23,900,700)
5. Jeffrey Star — US $18 million ($24,583,600)
4. DanTDM — US $18.5 million ($25,266,500)
3. Dude Perfect — US $20 million ($27,315,100)
2. Jake Paul — US $21.5 million ($29,363,800)
1. Ryan ToysReview — US $22 million ($30,046,600)


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