Forget Bollywood – Punjabi Movies Are Taking Bhangra Classics Apart


For decades it has seemed like Bollywood has cherry picked the crème de la crème of Punjabi songs and then moulded them into pop versions to benefit themselves and non Punjabi music fans. This move may not be very popular among Punjabi music fans but many artists have benefited from getting work in Bollywood as a result of such cover versions, but how beneficial is it to Punjabi artists when Punjabi films cover old classics?

‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ is a new Punjabi film starring Parmish Verma and currently in Punjab he is among the top 5 artists on the scene, so having him feature your song will automatically see a major boost in popularity for anything he is doing.

The song in question is ‘Hasdi Tu Reh Sohniye’ by Parmish Verma, which bares more than a close resemblance to the Balwinder Safri’s song ‘Rahe Rahe Jaan Waliye’ so if we are calling out Bollywood for such moves – Is it not right that we call out Punjabi movies too?

We think the film team as a whole missed a huge trick here, all they had to do was have the Safri vocal reworked and added to the film this would have been beneficial to all parties, but hey Bollywood never did that so why do we expect more from Pollywood.

The Safri Boys version:



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