Former Playmate Amanda Cerny Video Where Baby Where ‘Are The Views’


Amanda Cerny Where Baby Where Are The Offical Views: Punjabi music artists are not shy when it comes to reporting views on YouTube. One video which was launched with a lot of hype and featured former Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny is Where Baby Where. This was set to be Amanda Cerny’s break into India. Yet, for the second release in a row, Humble music failed to chart in the Official YouTube charts, despite reporting views of over 13m (for that period).

We reported in December that despite claims of views over 8 million Katarnaak by Gippy Grewal and Bohemia, the song failed to chart in the official YouTube charts. Only 1.8m views were required for it to chart yet it failed. Humble Music or whoever they use for online promotion seems to be at it once again.

Humble music is boasting 17 million views but Amanda Cerny is left asking Where Baby Where:

Amanda Cerny Where Baby Where Baby Where received a huge push. And was released in a blaze of glory. Yet the song has failed to chart in any Official YouTube chart despite claiming to have had over 17 million views (13 Million in the week of the charts). The Humble music page is showing 17m plus views, but remember the Offical YouTube charts only count organic views, not paid promotions or other views!

So Amanda Cerny, welcome to the Punjabi music market, where not even Pythagoras can work out how the numbers are generated! 
Check out this week’s official Youtube chart here  –  With 14 million views it should be in the top 5. The song at number 100, Lehnga by Nimrat Khaira has 1.94m organic views! So where is ‘Where Baby Where’ 

The official YouTube page for Gippy Grewal doesn’t even put Where Baby Where in his top 15 songs for the last week. The graph shows the Gippy has not had over 500k views in a day for well over a month. 

Whoever is doing this – You can fool some of the people some of the time! But, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!

If the song was to sit in our ‘Non-Organic Views Chart’ it would be in at Number 4!

Punjabi Songs YouTube – The Non Organic Views League Table


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