Four Attackers Jailed For 36 Years For Violent Assault & Robbery At Samita’s Wolverhampton House


Shocking details have emerged about an attack on Samita Choda and her two year old daughter by 4 men attempting to rob her house, the attack was spotted by Samita’s husband via CCTV whilst at work who raced to the scene and alerted Police.

The attackers have been jailed for a total of 32 years. Danny Hussian knocked on the door of the Choda’s house dressed as a delivery driver. Samita Chodha was holding her two-year-old daughter when she answered the front door.

Danny Hussian asked her to take in a large parcel for one of her neighbours, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

Samita declined and it was then, that the attack began as Hussain, 30, pushed her back into the hallway of her Wolverhampton home, signalling to his accomplices who were waiting in a stolen van to follow, said Mrs Suti Ruck, prosecuting.

Once the accomplices were Inside the house Mrs Chodha was knocked to the floor whilst still clutching her daughter, and her wrists and ankles bound with cable ties.

Her shocked husband learned of the raid when he checked in on the coupleโ€™s security โ€˜nanny-camโ€™.

The court were informed how he called 999 and raced back to the family home in Sandringham Road, Penn, flagging down a police car on the way.

Once back at his house the Police officers forced their way into the property after discovering the raiders had locked the front door from the inside.

Once inside Mrs Chodha was found lying in the foetal position on the lounge floor with two of the raiders standing over her and the child brandishing golf clubs.

Mohammed Masud was detained at the scene and the others caught after jumping over the garden fence.

Police recovered ยฃ1,500 from Hussain, who was found hiding in bushes in nearby Belvedere Avenue.

Talha Azim was picked up in a garden in Whitehouse Avenue whilst Ezekiel Linton was arrested after a chase.

In a statement, Mrs Chodha said she could not be in the house alone any more and was paranoid about another attack.

Mr Chodha described the ordeal as โ€˜the worst experience of my lifeโ€™.

The defendants, who all pleaded guilty to the robbery on December 20, apologised for their actions.

But Judge Dean Kershaw said it was a โ€˜particularly unpleasant and spitefulโ€™ offence and described the gang as โ€˜cruel and cowardlyโ€™.

Hussain, of Lyme Green Road, Stechford, Birmingham, and Linton, 33, of no fixed address, were jailed for nine years and four months.

Masud, 36, of no fixed address, was jailed for eight years and eight months, and Azim, 27, of Priestland Road, Shard End, Birmingham, for six years and eight months.


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