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I’m quite well known for my 12-week transformation results! Not just with my own results- that’s the easy bit! But by having the ability to transform and change the mind-sets and bodies of 100’s of clients over the years.
So, I’ve decided to give you some Absolutely Fit tips!
But before I begin, I just want to explain a bit about what we define as a 12-week transformation!
Let me tell you!

The 12 weeks of any transformation programme is only targeted at getting YOU to develop good habits that you don’t have already. (We asses that via a lifestyle questionnaire)
Most people will NOT hit their end goal in 12 weeks, how quick do you get results (well that’s a question asked every day!), actually it depends on a number of things, some which are not even in our control.

Genetics for example, that’s a big rate-determining step, also your natural shape is determined by our genetics. Your age, your experience of exercise and eating well and most importantly, this is where I feel most people get conned your starting point.

Let me explain this a bit further, if you have never exercised before and haven’t really watched what you are eating for 20, 30, 40 plus years, the rate your body will burn fat and hold/increase muscle mass will be remarkably different to someone who has been eating well and exercised for years and has just”let themselves go” for say 3-6 months.

A LOT of before and after 12 week results/photos are like this including my personal transformations.

The biochemistry of a person who has been eating and exercising for a number of years will be very different, hormonal controls will be different and the body’s natural insulin can be less sensitive. All this plays a big part that we can’t see.
That said, I have helped many many clients change their mind-sets of 20 plus years of little exercise, and the results have been very impressive. The real magic happens after the 12 weeks, one year gives you big changes. Two, even bigger, and well you get the picture.

What you are doing is actually changing your thinking pattern and your biochemistry. More importantly for me, we are then poisoning our bodies less! Something I repeat to my clients, friends and family

“One way or another you will pay for a bad diet whether you want to be Absolutely Fit or not!”


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