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Happy Friday to you all!
Once again a big thank you to everyone who’s been asking us questions via our emails and

Lots of you are intrigued with the fantastic results we get on our 12 week body and mind transformations, so next week I will start explaining a little about what we believe it takes to transform your body and mind set to accomplish any goal you set yourself.
One subject that came up a few times last week was water!
How much? And Why?
So guess what this? Friday’s subject is the importance of water.

Firstly, my personal experience with clients is that most people need to consider water as an essential nutrient; Because of easy access we have to water many of us take it for granted and do not realise the importance of correct hydration.
In human being survival, water is second only to oxygen as the second essential nutrient for life. Water is the most abundant ingredient in the human body through all phases of growth and development. Every system in our body depends on water to function.

There are many reasons that we need water for health and fitness, too many for me to mention here so here’s just a few that you may not know:
– It is essential to your body’s temperature regulation, keeping it cool through perspiration.
– Some people believe that the more your sweat the more fat you lose, that is not totally true! We sweat because the body is hot and it’s trying to cool its self.
– Water is brilliant at flushing out toxins and wastes.
– Water is a major component of blood which carries nutrients and oxygen to and from all cells; this includes muscle cells for all of you that want to get bigger muscles. It provides a moist environment for all body tissues.
– It is the major component of saliva and mucous which lubricates the membranes that line our digestive system beginning with the mouth, which is vital for digesting and breaking down food to be absorbed. -Mucous membranes in the nose and eyes function much better when well hydrated.
– Water protects us by cushions joints and protects tissues and organs like the brain from shock and damage.

OK, we all want to know how water aids fat loss so let me tell you!
One of the biggest mistakes Jazmin and I see people making with a fat loss program is failing to drink enough water.
We very often have clients, who are struggling with fat loss, tell us that while they’re spot on with their nutrition and workouts, they just can’t seem to increase their water intake.
We hear excuses all the time like “I just can’t go to the bathroom that much due to my job,” and “I simply don’t like the taste of plain water.”
If you could burn fat effectively with fizzy drinks, juices, and alcohol I’d say go for it, but the truth is it can’t be done!
So let me tell you two straight up facts on why you absolutely must drink plenty of water if you want to be successful with fat loss.

Once you see how it works in the whole fat loss equation you’ll understand why it’s a non-negotiable!
Up your water and your vegetables (that’s a whole new subject!)
1. At a Molecular Level Your Body is approximately 70-85% Water
Your body is predominantly made up of water. It might not look that way in the mirror, but I assure you, without water you’d be nothing but a pile of assorted amino acids, minerals and some fatty acids.
If we were to consider a single human cell, we’d be looking at a molecular structure that’s between 70 and 85% water. Water is the primary component of blood. Water transports oxygen throughout the body and it’s the most essential nutrient for all bodily functions simple as that!
2. Water Impacts Fat Metabolism in the Liver. There is loads of research on this, don’t take my word for it go and read a few journals. Without question, the most important organ in the human body when it comes to fat loss is the liver. It’s where fat metabolism takes place. The key to optimal liver function is the removal of built up toxins and metabolic waste. What does the cleansing of all this built up toxins and waste? Yep you got it, water! Think of your liver as being a filter for your body. If it’s overburdened with a build up of toxins and waste, it simply won’t work very well. Simple right?

Let me tell you, achievement seems to be connected with action! Successful men and women keep moving forwards! They make mistakes, but they don’t quit!
So let me give you some tips on how to get more water into your system
1. Aim to drink at least two litres of water per day. (Don’t force it; build this habit up in a few weeks.)
2. Start your day by drinking a glass of plain water when you get up in first thing in the morning.
3. If you are not used to drinking water regularly, try initially replacing just couple of your other drinks a day with plain water, increasing your consumption as the weeks go by.
4. Here’s a good one that me and Jazmin do regular, (plus it’s free) Ask for a glass of tap water to go with your espresso or if you have coffee and tea in cafes.
5. Get yourself into a habit of drinking a glass of water before and during each meal. This will also help with curbing your hunger as most people are normally thirsty not hungry! Also this is a bonus because the water aids your digestive system.

6. Water with a piece of fruit in – like lemon, lime. – Often helps those who think the water is bloating them.
7. Carry a bottle filled with chilled tap water with you whenever you leave the house.
8. During exercise get yourself in to a habit of sipping water during each set of exercise, and 5 min intervals when doing cardio, drink slowly and drink regular.
9. Keep a check on your urine. As a general guide to hydration, it should be plentiful, pale or clear in colour and odourless. Apart from eat vegetables like asparagus, because of the Sulphur contained in it.
10. Try to use a 1 litre bottle of water as then you will know exactly how much water you are consuming, clients and consultations always say to us “I’m drinking loads of water” What is loads? Our answer totally depends about fit for the purpose when we calculate their “loads” it’s normally not even a litre! Sometimes Jazmin and I can consume (depending on our goals and nutrition plan) at least 6 litres a day; I may consider that as loads!

Let me tell you! Visualise your end result as having already been accomplished! Let the image of your success play on the giant screen in full colour with surround sound so real you can smell and taste it! The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek! Keep moving.


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