Friday Night Social 3 (Now Known As The Daily Social)


The Friday Night Social has now almost become a daily social! No longer are videos just being compiled on a weekly basis, weekly is now like a lifetime. So as we release more viral videos let us take a look back at our 2nd Friday Night social.

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Original Article:

Welcome to the Friday night social, grab yourself a drink take a seat and lets go through this weeks trending stories in Whats App groups, @Realdespardes are on the case!

Every Friday we will bring you a round of what is popping in peoples groups, any contributions, please get in touch we will credit you, but unlike “You’ve Been Framed” we will not be paying you a penny, just the chance for glory.

The “dead leg” this is how you win at a milni! Ain’t nobody picking uncle ji up when his playing possum 

When Lalli tells Rocky that the cake has egg in!! Shit goes off

Bains Bains! She got her own song now 

Faces coloured in as @Realdespardes still investigating the crime!

Oh Pappu, we go backwards! Magaluf got the better of Pappu, in the first video he is off his rocker! Then eventually you get to see sober pappu, what his folks saw when he arrived back!


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