From Canvas To Billboards – Inkquisitive One Of The New Faces Of River Island


Inkquisitive River Island: Trailblazer Amandeep Singh AKA Inkquisitive has done it once again! This time is different though, it’s not Hip Hop artists or A list celebs wanting his artwork, but he himself is now one of the faces of successful High street chain River Island.

Inkquisitive took to social media on Sunday evening and told the world that “after months of shooting, patience, turban tying, posing and make up… I can FINALLY announce (alongside other wonderful people) I am the face for the national  @riverisland autumn/winter campaign! grab the look and don’t forget to take a selfie with me! reppin’ for the culture!

A gifted artist with a serious work ethic, we as a community could not be more proud of the Chigwell Lad. Nai Reesa Amandeep Singh! 


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