From Harjap Bhangal To Mr Singhs Pizza – The Seva On Show Is Much Needed


A week ago a minority of Desi shop keepers were making the headlines for raising prices for their once-loyal customer base. The negative news this made went nationwide with people naming and shaming those stores that were doing this. Thankfully this now seems to be on the decline and some real sewadars have come forward from our communities to help support those in need.

Information. Firstly we look at two sources of information that are proving to be invaluable during this Coronavirus Pandemic;

Harjap Bhangal:

Harjap Singh Bhangal LLB is a Solicitor who specialises in Immigration and Nationality Law. He is a household name and his videos over the last two weeks have helped clarify the recent pandemic for elder generation Asians. If you need to explain anything to those who do not have the best grasp of English then we can only point you towards Harjap’s YouTube channel. The page is informative and updated on a regular basis.

Sikh PA:

Misinformation and rumours are everywhere and trying to separate fact from fiction can be testing. Sikh PA (Press Association) is putting out useful and factual information with clarity that is easy to grasp and read. If you want to know what is happening in Gurdwaras in the UK and the wider Sikh community then Sikh PA can be followed on your preferred social media platform by just clicking the link provided FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram.

Once you have the correct information you will see their followers spreading news of some truly amazing things people in our community are doing. Shop Keepers are standing up against the minority of rogue traders. Takeaways are offering their services to the NHS and even pub landlords are keeping those isolated topped up!!


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